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1.  Below marked with asterisk(*)must be filled in. User would not get service for the incorrect account information.
2.  After finished register, User can log in the location service web; but if user want to get complete service,they need buy the tracker device and related authentication code;
3.  With the authentication code,the user can add device ,driver and turn on the no id Alarm via the web. Then install and power on the device, you will get full service. (Service System SMS alarm only supported in China mainland at present)
4.  After user added the device and driver, they can also get some other alram service such sos alarm , low voltage alarm etc. (Service System SMS alarm only supported in China mainland at present)
User Register
  • *Username:
    in 5-15 letters or digits
  • *Password:
    in 6-12 letters or digits
  • *Confirm password:
    please repeat to input the password
  • *Email:
    the email for the event forgetting password
  • Real name:
    input your real name
  • *MP:
    your contact mobile phone for some alarm message
  • SOS MP:
    your SOS contact mobile phone for SOS alarm message mainly
  • Address:
    input your address
Welcome to our GPSCLOUD location service web site, before using service, you should accept our claim below:
1、Any one or any group(except the authorities police)can not track any other one or group unless they are permitted by the one would be tracked or the authorities.
2、The map's intellectual property rights of our web site is belonging to Google Inc. Fulltek only made the Secondary development, and can not guarantee the information is correct perfectly。
3、The location service system need be supported by the GPS and GSM signal, the GSM signal might not cover some remote districts,or the commucation protocol doesn't match, and the GPS signal can not be received indoor or underground most time, and many other fatcors cause the system don't work! Fulltek can not guarantee the location system works well any time , and doesn't undertake the responsibility for any result of the system service malfunction.
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